AYC Launches Lycra Drive

It’s easy for anyone that’s been riding for years to take for granted the amount of time it took them to compile a closet full of cycling clothes. Now, with all those clothes, it’s easily overlooked how simple it is to take on anything Mother Nature may throw your way. However, if you’re anything like me, you’ve figured out the few go-to pieces that make every ride come together; everything else in the closet just sits there. Help our riders equip themselves this year by donating your old cycling clothes to AYC. Not only will you be helping future generations of cyclists but you’ll be doing yourself a favor by making space in your closet.

To donate, drop off your clothes (clean of course) at the Burnaby Velodrome during open track hours or at La Bicicletta (233 West Broadway) during regular business hours. Please remember to include your name and contact information. We’ll make sure they find a good home!

Please direct any questions to

Thank you for keeping AYC on track!

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