Lycra Drive has overwhelming response

The first annual AYC Lycra Drive was met with an incredibly positive response. For two months, seasoned cyclists from all over the province raided their closets and sent their previously used cycling clothes to be handed out to our native youth riders. “At one point I stopped by La Bicicletta expecting a bag or two and there were boxes of clothes waiting for me…The response we had is a true testament to the strength of the cycling community here in Vancouver and the lower mainland,” said Kelyn when asked about the success of the initiative.

We want to thank everyone that contributed to the success of this Drive! The clothes we’ve collected will be handed out to our youth cyclists to help lower the barrier for entry into the sport. Everything we’ve collected, from gloves to shoes, will be put to good use so if you happen to notice some extra clothes keep us in mind. “We’re always trying to look ahead and see how we can improve upon the things that we’ve done, meanwhile we’ve got a lot of clothes to hand out.”


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