Program Details

When Can I Start?

We love to see new faces at the Velodrome and encourage all eligible individuals to participate! Because it takes time for novice riders to acclimate to the riding conditions at the track, we ask new riders to come out on the first Friday of the month.

Since the AYC program runs on a four week rotat- ing schedule, having new riders come out on the first Friday of the month ensures that they receive the instructor’s undivided attention. After participants complete the four−week introductory program, they are welcome to drop in whenever AYC’s are on the track. Simply check the track’s schedule at

In Four Sessions Youth Can Expect to Learn

  • How to ride a fixed gear bicycle
  • The different markings on the track
  • Proper etiquette while riding at the velodrome
  • How to ride a straight line (both as an individual and in a group)
  • How to ride in a rotating pace-line
  • Standing start technique
  • 500 meter time trial bicycle race